Three Days Happiness

Three Days Happiness

Dimitris Athanitis

Greece, 2012, 80 min., Greek


Dimitris Athanitis is one of the most prolific and established young film makers in Greek cinema. He highlighted his interest in cinema and architecture in Three Days Happiness, where Athens emerges as a bluish, biting and breaking down city. In this doomed urban landscape, three young women cling to survival while dreaming with an improvement in their lives, a qualitative leap forward desire, steaming in the three of them from family wounds. Irina plans to run away to Canada and move beyond those who sexually abuse her; Anna looks in marriage for a balsam against the ghost of the broken home she comes from; and last but not least, Vera, who was starting a new life, has to face the secret reality of her loved ones.

Three Days Happiness

Treis Meres Eftyhias

Grecia, 2012, 80 min, Griego

Dirección /Direction

Dimitris Athanitis

Guión / Script

Dimitris Athanitis

Fotografía / Cinematography

Yannis Fotou

Montaje / Editing

Stamatis Magoulas

Música / Music


Producción / Producers

Dimitri Athanitis

Intérpretes / Cast

Alexandra Aidini, Katerina

Fotiadi, Nikolitsa Drizi,

Errikos Litsis, Dimitris

Agartzidis, Chris Radanov

Compañía productora / Production company

DNA Films

Ventas Internacionales / International Sales

Greek Film Center

Ilianna Zakopulou
T. 30 210 3678 506
F. 30 210 3614 336

Dna films
Dimitri Athanitis

Página Web / Website


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