The Triplet

The Triplet

Vicenzo Marra

Italy – 2012 - 88 min. - Italian


The Italian filmmaker Vincenzo Marra has been complementing for twelve years his fiction films with intense documentaries, looking at reality in southern Italy (being Naples, his hometown, the main focus and operations centre). In Il gemello he enters the Secondigliano prison and brings camera and lights closer to Raffaele, a 29 years old man who has been imprisoned since he was 15 for the robbery of a bank, and who still will be spending more than a decade behind bars. Raffaele is intelligent, has a personality and seems destined to be someone important in the camorra when he leaves prison. When he is off camera, Marra broadens his view of the prison microcosm, about its areas and rules, helped by the presence of Niko, the prison chief guard.


Vincenzo Marra

Vincenzo Marra was born in Naples, 1972. After studying at the Faculty of Law and working as a sport photographer, he made his debut in filmmaking in 1996 with his short film Una rosa prego, followed two years later by La vestizione. That was the starting of a career which changed drastically when Marra shot his second fiction feature film, Vento di terra (his debut film was Tornando a casa, 2001). His second feature tells the story of a gradual family breakdown and obtained several important awards in festivals like Venice, Gijon or Cannes. Success, however, didn’t change Marra, who has since then opted more decisively for his Neapolitan documentary maker bent, starting with Estranei alla massa (2001) and then followed by works such as L’ udienza è aperta (2006), Il grande progetto (2008) or Il gemello (2012).



2012 Il Gemello

2007 L'ora di punta

2006 L'udienza è aperta

2004 Viento de tierra

2003 Paesaggio a sud

2001 Estranei alla massa

2001 Tornando a casa

1998 La vestizione

Il Gemello

The Triplet

Italia, 2012, 88 min, Italiano

Dirección /Direction

Vicenzo Marra

Guión / Script

Vincenzo Marra

Fotografía / Cinematography

Francesca Amitrano

Montaje / Editing

Luca Benedetti

Sonido / Sound

Daniele Maraniello

Producción / Producers

Gianluca Arcopinto, Marco

Ledda, Vincenzo Marra,

Angelo Russo Russelli

Intérpretes / Cast

Raffaele Costagliola “il gemello",

Domenico Manzi

Compañía productora / Production company

Axelotil , Settembrini Film

Compañía distribuidora / Distribution company

Rai Trade

Via Novaro,18

00195 Roma


T. 39 335 6049456 / 39 06 37498244

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