The Suicide Shop

The Suicide Shop

Patrice Leconte

France/Canada/Belgium – 2012 - 79 min. - French

Eurimages Competition


This debut on animation of the veteran Patrice Leconte is based on the book with the same name written by Jean Teulé in 2006. This black comedy, about an apocalyptic Paris where the climate change has plunged citizens into depression, has the members of the Tuavache family as the main characters, characters that balance their desperation and blackness with the incomes generated by their shop for suicidal people. But everything will start to change with the arrival of a new and unexpected Tuavache: Alain the happy baby, who cannot be infected with their pessimism. Closer to Edward Gorey and the Addams family than to the romantic Burton, The Suicide Shop benefit from the humanism of Leconte and the demodé line of both the cartoons of Florian Thouret and Régis Vidal, and the music of Etienne Perruchon.


Patrice Leconte

Born in Paris in 1947, Patrice Leconte is the paradigm of a commercial author. Brought up in Tours and amateur since he was 15, he headed to Paris in 1967 to study in the prestigious IDHEC. During those years, he combined his studies in cinema with his career as a draftsman in the Pilote magazine

His first feature film came in 1976, Les vécés étaient fermés de l’interieur, starting a prolific career that would begin to stand out at the end of the eighties, with the two titles that changed his approval and critical fortune: Monsieur Hire (1989) and The Hairdresser’s Husband (1990). Eclectic and versatile, Leconte was always able to make the most of the film genre and subjugate it to the authors’ gestures, which finally opened him the doors of the North American art and rehearsal circuit: Ridicule (1996), Girl on the Bridge (1999),The Widow of Saint-Pierre (2000), The Man on the Train (2002) or Intimate Strangers (2004).




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The suicide shop

Le magasin des suicides

Francia, Bélgica, Canadá, 2012, 85 min, Francés

Dirección /Direction

Patrice Leconte

Guión / Script

Patrice Leconte, basado en una novela de Jean Teulé

Montaje / Editing

Rodolphe Ploquint

Sonido / Sound

Thomas Gauder

Música / Music

Etienne Perruchon

Producción / Producers

Thomas Langmann, Emmanuel

Montamat, Gillers Podesta, André Rouleau

Intérpretes (voces) / Cast (voices)

Bernard Alance (Mishima),

Isabel Spade (Lúcrese),

Kacey Mottet Klein (Alan),

Isabelle Miami (Matilyn)

Compañía productora / Production company

La Petite Reine, ARP, Diabolo Films,

Caramel Films, Entre chien et loup

Compañía distribuidora / Distribution company

ARP Sélection

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SEFF 2016

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