The Sleeping Voice

The Sleeping Voice

Benito Zambrano

Spain, 2011, 128 min, Spanish



La voz dormida takes to the big screen the eponymous novel by Dulce Chacón. It has been also Benito Zambrano’s way to keep going for the feasibility of genre films, which have the interpreters as its centre (the main beneficiaries, as evidenced by the Silver Shell at the Film Festival in San Sebastian and the Goya Award for Best Newcomer Actress obtained by María León, protagonist of the film). She embodies Pepita, a young girl from Cordoba who leaves her village in the post-war period and goes to Madrid, where her pregnant sister Hortensia is awaiting sentence in jail. Pepita will find love in the capital while storm clouds hang over her sister’s fate: she will be executed after giving birth. Pepita will try at all costs to have her sister remitted from punishment, and otherwise, to be given the baby before is placed for adoption or taken to an orphanage.


Benito Zambrano

Benito Zambrano was born in Lebrija in 1965. After studying dramatic arts in Seville for three years and also working for television, he decided to go for film making and received a scholarship to study in San Antonio de Los Baños, Cuba. He graduated as script writer y director, and filmed his first shorts. When he got back, and after a tough search of funding, he shot his first feature film, Solas (1999), an austere film debut which changed his life after receiving several Goya Awards –among them, the Best New Director and Best Original Script awards–. The film became a hit among audiences. Then came Padre coraje (2002), a whole success and an experience for its producer, and later on came Habana Blues (2005). Zambrano has again triumphed in different festivals and has powered his actors to stardom in 2011, with La voz dormida.

La voz dormida
The Sleeping Voice
España, 2011, 128 min, Español

Dirección /Direction
Benito Zambrano
Guión / Script
Benito Zambrano, Ignacio del Moral
Fotografía / Cinematography
Alex Catalán
Montaje / Editing
Fernando Pardo
Sonido / Sound
Álvaro Felipe Silva Wuth
Música / Music
Juan Antonio Leyva
Magda Rosa Galván
Producción / Producers
Antonio Pérez
Intérpretes / Cast
Inma Cuesta (Hortensia),
María León (Pepita),
Marc Clotet (Paulino),
Daniel Holguín (Felipe)
Compañía productora / Production company
Maestranza Films
Compañía distribuidora / Distribution company
Warner Bros Pictures

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