The Parade

The Parade

Srdjan Dragojevic

Serbia/Slovenia/ Croatia/ Montenegro/ Macedonia, 2011, 116 min, Servocroatian

Eurimages Competition


The parade, with an unforeseen success in many places of former Yugoslavia, is a Serb film about homophobia and the deficit of rights for gays and lesbians in the area, among other issues. In the shape of a transgressor comedy, the film twists its narrative until making two initially irreconcilable kinds of people meet. On the one hand, a couple of guys who try to get the Belgrade gay pride parade through; and, on the other hand, a violent war veteran with ancestral prejudices running through his veins. Among laughs, guns, and eschatology, The Parade bets on a message of identity reconciliation as the best medicine to end the illness which is even previous to the civil war.


Sr?jan Dragojevi?

Born in Yugoslavia in 1963, Dragojevi? focused first on the clinical psychology before deciding to go for film studies—which he would finally take at the Belgrade University. His first film, We’re not angels (1992), an irreverent comedy settled in Belgrade, was a popular hit that drag Dragojevi? into the film and music industries that got him involved in joint projects. Four years after his debut, the Serb rode again the crest of local popularity, and international polemics, with the black comedy Pretty Village, Pretty Flame, based on a true story that took place during the Bosnian war. The success along with a new critical film with Miloševi?, Rane (1999), paved his way to Hollywood, and USA, where he left to when the war was intensifying in Yugoslavia. In 2001, after two years of aborted projects, Dragojevi? and his family returned to Serbia, where he continued directing and writing scripts. In 2010 he became a member of the socialist party.




The Parade

Serbia, Eslovenia, Croacia, Montenegro, Macedonia, 2011, 116 min, Servocroata.

Dirección /Direction

Srdjan Dragojevic

Guión / Script

Srdjan Dragojevic

Fotografía / Cinematography

Dušan Joksimovi?

Montaje / Editing

Petar Markovi?

Sonido / Sound

Zoran Maksimovi?

Música / Music

Igor Perovi?

Producción / Producers

Biljana Prvanovi?, Srdjan Dragojevi?

Intérpretes / Cast

Nikola Kojo (Lemon), Milos

Samolov (Radmilo), Hristina

Popovi? (Pearl), Goran Jevti? (Mirko)

Página Web / Website

Compañía productora / Production company

Delirium Films, Mainframe, Sektor Film,Forum

Film Ljubljana, Film & Music Entertainment

Compañía distribuidora / Distribution company

Wide Management

París, Francia

T. 33 1 53950464



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