The last time I saw Macao

The last time I saw Macao

João Pedro Rodrigues y João Rui Guerra da Mata

Portugal/France, 2012, 85 min., Portuguese/Cantonese


A man returns to Macao, the place where he spent his childhood, after a thirty years absence. The reason? An email received in Lisbon from a friend, Candy, who decided many years ago getting lost in Asia. Candy is not having a good time now, she even fears for her life, what makes her friend, who ultimately is the narrator in the film, to arrive in the former Portuguese colony and act as an improvised detective. La última vez que vi Macao means at the same time the return of Guerra da Mata and Rodrigues to the Chinese city after they filmed together the short film-documentary Alvorada Vermelha (2011), where they paid a tribute to Jane Russell among the colours, tastes and peculiar passions of the Red Market.


João Rui Guerra da Mata

Script writer, artistic director, filmmaker, film editor and even director of photography, the career of João Rui Guerra da Mata is linked to João Pedro Rodrigues’ one, with whom he has cooperated since O fantasma (2000). Working for Rodrigues, Rui Guerra has been above all artistic director and co-script writer –in works as relevant as Morir como un hombre y Manhã de Santo Antonio–, but before La última vez que vi Macao he had already co-directed China, China (2007) and Alvorada Vermelha with him. He has shot the short film O que arde cura in 2012, on his own and under the sign of Cocteau.


2012 A Última Vez Que Vi Macau

2012 O Que Arde Cura 

2011 Alvorada Vermelha 

2007 China China


João Pedro Rodrigues

João Pedro Rodrigues was born in 1966 in Lisbon, where he graduated at the film and drama school. Since his first short film, Parábens! (1997), Rodrigues started to attract the attention in the main international festivals, since he obtained a Special Mention from the Jury at Venice. Precisely, Venice and Cannes are the festivals which will take turns to screen his feature films like O fantasma, Odette (2005) or Morir como un hombre (2009), desiring melodramas that twist the genre itself and seem to announce the dawn of new bodies, new sexualities yet to come.


2012 A Última Vez Que Vi Macau

2012 Manhã de Santo António

2011 Alvorada Vermelha  

2009 Morrer Como Um Homem 

2007 China China

2005 Odete 

2000 O Fantasma 

1998 Viagem à Expo

1997 Parabéns!

1997 Esta É a Minha Casa

1988 O Pastor 

A última vez que vi Macau

The last time I saw Macao

Portugal/Francia, 2012, 85 min, Portugués/Cantonés.

Dirección /Direction

João Pedro Rodrigues,

João Rui Guerra da Mata

Guión / Script

João Pedro Rodrigues,

João Rui Guerra da Mata

Fotografía / Cinematography

Rui Poças Aip

Montaje / Editing

Raphaël Lefèvre, João Pedro

Rodrigues, João Rui Guerra da Mata

Sonido / Sound

Nuno Carvalho

Producción / Producers

João Figueiras, Daniel Chabannes

de Sars Corentin, Dong-jin Sénéchal

Intérpretes / Cast

Cindy Scrash, João Rui Guerra

da Mata, João Pedro Rodrigues

Compañía productora / Production company

Blackmaria, Epicentre Films

Ventas Internacionales / International Sales

Films Boutique

Köpenicker Strasse, 184

10997 Berlín


T. 49 30 695 378 50

F. 49 30 695 378 51


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