The last Island

The last Island

Dácil Pérez de Guzmán

Spain, 2011, 79 min., Spanish

> 8 years old


Dácil Pérez de Guzmán has chosen a world between reality and fantasy for his first feature film addressed to the big screen. The Last Island is not only an adventure children’s film, but also a coming-of-age story, starred by a new Alice. An overprotected eleven years old city girl is sent to spend the summer to a remote, wild natured island where her odd aunt lives. In the island there are enough natural elements (the woods, the cliff) and human types (crazy ones, wise, good and bad) to a dense adventure which hides an initiation rite to the complexities of life.


Dácil Pérez de Guzmán

Dácil Pérez de Guzmán has a Degree in Fine Arts and has been twenty years devoted to audiovisual media (TV and above it all cinema). She has performed as producer, writer and director. Before The Last Island, her debut as a film director, Dácil had shot films for TV like El camino de Víctor or María la portuguesa, and creative documentaries, like Triana, paraíso perdido. It is also important to highlight her participation in the direction team of Spanish national films such as Airbag, El milagro de P. Tinto or Padre coraje.


2012 La última isla

2007 Tebraa, retratos de mujeres saharauis (co-director) 

La última isla

The last island

España, 2011, 79 min, Español

Dirección /Direction

Dácil Pérez de Guzmán

Guión / Script

Lola Guerrero

Fotografía / Cinematography

Alberto Palacios

Montaje / Editing

Manel G. Frasquiel

Sonido / Sound

Alvaro Silva

Música / Music

Juan Belda

Producción / Producers

Mario Moffa, Dácil Pérez de Guzmán, Ramón Vidal

Intérpretes / Cast

Carmen Sánchez (Alicia),

Julieta Serrano (Belinda),

Eduardo Velasco (Fermín),

Maite Sandoval (Elena),

Antonio Dechent (Alpidio)

Página web / Website

Compañía productora / Production company

Sakai Films, Rainbow Films & Video,

Fausto Producciones

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