Superman, Spiderman or Batman

Superman, Spiderman or Batman

Tudor Giurgiu

Romania, 2011, 11 min., Romanian


A 5 year old kid gets inspiration from his favourite comic heroes. He would like to solve his father’s concerns and his mother’s health issues the same way his heroes solve all kind of trouble in the paper universe.

Superman, Spiderman sau Batman

Superman, Spiderman or Batman

Rumania, 2012, 11 min, Rumano

Dirección /Direction

Tudor Giurgiu

Guión / Script

Doru Lupeanu

Fotografía / Cinematography

Adrian Silisteanu

Montaje / Editing

Eugen Kelemen

Producción / Producers

Libra Film Productions

Intérpretes / Cast

Bogdan Zsolt, Aaron Serban,

Ovidiu Crisan, Elena Ivanca

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