Soukromý Vesmír

Soukromý Vesmír

Helena Tetíková

Czech Republic, 2012, 87 min., Czech


It’s 1974. Jana and Petr is just another couple in the communist Czechoslovakia about to have their first baby. This birth is linked to another three ones: the birth of a journal, to which Petr has been loyal during 37 years, the birth of a short film documentary named Miracle, which at the beginning was the main objective of T?eštíková, and the first images of a long home movie that Jana and Petr helped complete and mean the foundation of Private Universe. Being the birth the origin of all, this documentary presents the growth of that first baby, named Honza, as the guiding thread, projecting his individual fate and also the family’s one over the country’s changes and transformations since the communist era.


Helena T?eštíková

Helena T?eštíková is quite an institution in Czech Republic documentary filming (also an important character, which explains her brief position as Minister of Culture in 2007). Born in Prague in 1949, T?eštíková graduated in the documentary specialty at the FAMU, and since 1974 started a professional career marked by her human interest and articulated by documentary portraits that pursue their objectives over long periods of time. With more than fifty titles behind her –i.e., Marcela (2007), René (2008) or Katka (2010), only to name the most recent–, all sorts of people have appeared in front of her camera: ordinary people, drug addicts, opera singers, intellectuals...



2012 Private Universe

2010 Katka

2008 René

2007 Marcela

2001 Zeny na prelomu tisíciletí

1997 Sladké století (documentary)

1995 An Attempt at an Anniversary

1994 To Be or to Have

1991 I Created You

1990 Behind the Bars

1989 Hledání cest

1987 Manzelské etudy

1981 Japanese Sunday

1975 Zázrak


Private Universe

Soukromý Vesmír

República Checa, 2012, 83 min, Checo.

Dirección /Direction

Helena T?eštíková

Montaje / Editing

Jakub Hejna

Sonido / Sound

Lukás Moudry

Producción / Producers

Kate?ina ?erná, Pavel Strnad

Intérpretes / Cast

Samuel Jirásek, Jan Kettner,

Petr Kettner, Eva Kettnerová

Compañía productora / Production company

Negativ, Czech TV, Helena T?eštíková, RWE

Compañía distribuidora / Distribution company


Ostrovní, 30

110 00 Praga

República Checa

T. 420 224 933 755
F. 420 224 933 472

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