Helena Tetíková

Turkey, 2012, 14 min.,Turkish/Kurdish


The prison of Diyarbakir as a symbol of repression and torture after the 1980 coup d'état in Turkey. Rezan Yesilbas, however, gets out of the walls to accompany the awaiting women, who only speak Kurdish.


Sessíz / Bé Deng

Turquía, 2012, 14 min, Turco

Dirección /Direction

Rezan Ye?ilba?

Guión / Script

Rezan Ye?ilba?

Fotografía / Cinematography

Türksoy Gölebeyi

Montaje / Editing

Bu?ra Dedeo?lu, Rezan Ye?ilba?

Producción / Producers

Rezan Ye?ilba?

Intérpretes / Cast

Belçim Bilgin, Cem Bender

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