Salut les Cubains

Salut les Cubains

Agnès Varda

France/Cuba, 1963, 30 min., French.


Vietnam and Cuba were two powerful magnets for modern filmmakers, and there, many of them found an opportunity to intermingle aesthetic renovation with ethics and politics. In Salut les cubains, Varda specifies her condition of essayist between photography and cinema, between the fixed and the mobile, by means of animating more than a thousand snapshots taken during her travel to the revolutionary Cuba. Her voice and Michel Piccoli's, between enthusiasm and scepticism, burst into folkloric and historical review centred above all in the lights of change led by Fidel. Despite being an impenitent traveller, Varda left with this work a reel of vivid memories from which she has muddled along until the recent series Agnès de ci de là Varda (2011).

Salut les Cubains

Francia/Cuba, 1963, 30 min, Francès.

Dirección /Direction

Agnès Varda

Guión / Script

Agnès Varda

Fotografía / Cinematography

J. Marques, C. S. Olaf, Agnès Varda

Montaje / Editing

Janine Verneau

Voz / Voice

Michel Piccoli

Música / Music

Cantos afrocubanos, cha-cha-cha,

órgano de Manzanillo,

Benny Moré (tangos y boleros)

Producción / Producers

Agnès Varda

Compañía productora / Production company

Ciné Tamaris

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