Rocío y José

Rocío y José

Gonzalo García Pelayo

Spain, 1983, 75 min., Spanish


Gonzalo García Pelayo’s last feature film to date might be considered as the mythical, pantheistic reverse of the previously released and enlightening Rocío (1980), by Fernando Ruiz Vergara. Pelayo films the pilgrimage from Triana to el Rocio from the anthropological scope though influenced by clasic cinema memories. He provides an overview on the renewal of traditions (and species), recreating an incipient love story between two teenagers in a framework in which the past, present and future seem to be suspended. The soundtrack is almost entirely filled with sevillanas rocieras, and again it is of paramount importance, for as surely as ever in Pelayo’s films, the music is documentary and is fiction, it is the record of an age and pure afectivity (it nourishes memories).



Rocío y José

España, 1983, 75 min, Español

Dirección /Direction

Gonzalo García Pelayo

Guión / Script

Miguel Ángel Iglesias

Fotografía / Cinematography

José Enrique Izquierdo

Montaje / Editing

Roberto Fandiño

Sonido / Sound

No acreditado

Música / Music

Amigos de Gines,

Los Romeros de la Puebla

Producción / Producers

Andrés Salvador

Intérpretes / Cast

Curro Franco, Miguel Ángel

Iglesias, María José López

Compañía productora / Production company

Andrés Salvador / Za-Cine


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