Réponse de femmes (Notre corps, notre sexe)

Réponse de femmes (Notre corps, notre sexe)

Agnès Varda

France, 1975, 8 min., French


The conclusion of this cine-track by the feminist Varda, the need of re-writing the role of women and thus love, to renew relations with a male world, comes after eight minutes in which a motley bunch of women (young and elder; beautiful and not so beautiful; maternal and unwilling of having children) speak to the camera to defend themselves from the topics and nonsense which traps them in phallocentric societies. Using agility, humour and simple visual solutions, Varda particularly emphasises the contradictory survival of that unwritten rule according to which women must be modest and desirable at the same time.

Réponse de femmes (Notre corps, notre sexe)

Francia, 1975, 8 min, Francés.

Dirección /Direction

Agnès Varda

Guión / Script

Agnès Varda

Fotografía / Cinematography

Jacques Reiss, Michel Thiriet

Montaje / Editing

Marie Castro, Andrée

Choti, Hélène Wolf

Sonido / Sound

Bernard Bleicher

Producción / Producers

Sylvie Genevoix

Michel Honorin

Intérpretes / Cast

Catherine Reyss, Caroline Baudry,

Marilyne Even, Maria Paulo,

Lyse Bloch, Ermelinda Paulo,

Compañía productora / Production company

Antenne 2 para la revista F. comme Femme

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