Recoletos arriba y abajo

Recoletos arriba y abajo

Pablo Llorca

Spain, 2012, 75 min., Spanish


Jaime works for a company which organises sport events and lives with his wife and two children in a property in Recoletos. There is also another flat owner in the same building, a young girl whom with Jaime has an adventure. He has promised her for a long time now that he will separate from his wife. The complicated yet attractive life of Jaime becomes troubled when a new caretaker arrives in to the tenement. Jaime immediately recognises him: he is one of the policemen that beat him up during his youth’s politicised days. After his El mundo que fue y el que es (2011), Llorca, closer now to Ulmer than to Bresson, reiterates with economical, daring genre film which steps on the recent past of Spain.


Pablo Llorca

Born in Madrid in 1963, Pablo Llorca graduated in Art History. As a writer he usually focuses on film-relating themes, but also on architecture and plastic arts. Programmer and film maker, Pablo Llorca started his career as director during the 80’s, when he founded the first of his production companies, La Bañera Roja (which would be Camara Oscura later, and then and now La Cicatriz). He filmed (and produced, wrote and edited) his first shorts and feature films through it. His three first films, Venice (1989), Jardines colgantes (1993) and Todas hieren (1998), where small miracles that shook Spanish film lovers, unaccustomed to see around a filmmaker so shorn of and at the same time so imbibed of the history of the media through which he expressed himself. Later on came films like La espalda de Dios (2001), La cicatriz (2005) or Uno de los dos no puede estar equivocado (2007), which mean a breath of fresh air stated from his renewed status as Director of the best B-Movies.



2012 Recoletos (arriba y abajo)

2011 El mundo que fue y el que es

2007 Uno de los dos no puede estar equivocado

2005 La cicatriz

2001 La espalda de Dios

1998 Todas hieren

1993 Jardines colgantes

1989 Venecias


Recoletos arriba y abajo
Recoletos up & down

España, 2012, 75 min, Español
Dirección /Direction
Pablo Llorca
Guión / Script
Pablo Llorca
Fotografía / Cinematography
Wira Berriatúa
Montaje / Editing
Gustavo Seisdedos
Producción / Producers
Pablo Llorca
Intérpretes / Cast
Cesáreo Estébanez, Jaime Pujol,
Zay Nuba, Beatriz Pécker,
Victoria Mora, José Ramón Rey
Compañía productora / Production company
La Cicatriz
Compañía distribuidora / Distribution company
La Cicatriz
T. 914489573

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