Matteo Garrone

Italy/France, 2012, 115 min., Italian


Luciano is a fishmonger in Naples who believes he is an artist with opportunities in the world of spectacle. He starts acting in weddings and similar places but then, after an encounter with a former participant, gets obsessed with entering the house of Grande Fratello (the Italian version of Big Brother). He considers this reality-show as a safe way to go beyond the local fame he enjoys at the moment. Luciano attends the audition and, to the astonishment of his family, he seems to have many possibilities to be selected. It is then when the amateur begins to develop paranoia –explicitly Orwellian– which makes him see TV spies everywhere, trying to check that everything he said was true.


Matteo Garrone

Matteo Garrone was born in Roma in 1968. After studying at the Artistic Lyceum in his home town, he began a career as camera assistant before getting interested in painting. Since he started his filmography as director with the short film Silhouette (1996), Garrone proves to be the kind of successful, multitalented producer. He has shot fictions–Terra de Mezzo, Ospiti, Estate romana, L’Imbalsamatore, Primo amore– and documentaries –Bienvenido espirito santo, Oreste Pipolo, fotografo di matrimoni– presented and awarded in several festivals like Torino, Venice, Berlin or Cannes. In fact, in his last two participations at Cannes he has been twice awarded the Grand Jury Prize, for Gomorra in 2008 and for Reality this same year.



2012 Reality

2008 Gomorra

2004 Primo amore

2002 L'imbalsamatore

2000 Estate romana

1998 Oreste Pipolo, fotografo di matrimoni

1998 Ospiti

1997 Bienvenido espirito santo

1996 Terra di mezzo

Italia/Francia, 2012, 115 min, Italiano

Dirección /Direction
Matteo Garrone
Guión / Script
Matteo Garrone, Mauricio Braucci,
Ugo Chiti, Massimo Gaudioso
Fotografía / Cinematography
Marco Onorato
Montaje / Editing
Marco Spoletini
Música / Music
Alexandre Desplat
Producción / Producers
Matteo Garrone, Domenico Procacci
Intérpretes / Cast
Aniello Arena (Luciano),
Loredana Simioli (Maria),
Nando Paone (Michele),
Raffele Ferrante (Enzo)
Compañía productora / Production company
Fandango, Archimede,
Rai Cinema, Le Pacte
Compañía distribuidora / Distribution company
Wanda Vision  
Avda. Europa, 16 - Chalet 1 y 2 - 28224 Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid) 
Tel.: (34) 91 351 72 83 - (34) 91 352 83 76 - Fax: (34) 91 352 83 71

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