Project Shell

Project Shell

Fátima de los Santos

Spain, 2012, 4 min., English


Year 2086. When Kate Sorin volunteered as “model citizen" for the Shell project, she could never have imagined how this decision would condition her fate. The UNCORP (United Nations Corporation) stated that the creation of cyber-clones would be the bridge to a free and equal society, but they didn’t think that their human nature would make them fight against the duties they were created for: being slaves.

Project Shell

España, 2011, 3 min, Español

Dirección /Direction

Fátima de los Santos

Guión / Script

Blow Studio and Fátima de los Santos

Fotografía / Cinematography

Jesús Perujo

Montaje / Editing

Fátima de los Santos

Sonido / Sound

Juan Canton

Intérpretes / Cast

Sarah Witt

Compañía productora / Production company

Blow Studio

Contacto / Contact

T. 955 321 390


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