Out of Frame

Out of Frame

Yorgos Zois

Greece, 2012, 10 min., Without dialogue


There is a ban in Greece forbidding advertisements in hoardings and other external surfaces. Now the landscape is full of empty, damaged hoardings where it’s easy to project the vital discontent of a people which is suffocated and out of frame.

Out of Frame

Titloi Telous

Grecia, 2012, 10 min, Griego

Dirección /Direction

Yorgos Zois

Guión / Script

Yorgos Zois, idea original de

Marisha Triantafyllidou

Fotografía / Cinematography

Yiannis Kanakis

Montaje / Editing

Ioannis Chalkladakis

Producción / Producers

Yorgos Zois ( Squared Squared),

Maria Drandaki (Homemade Films)


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