Hammudi Al-Rahmoun Font

Spain, 2012, 69 min., Catalonian.


Hammudi Al-Rahmoun Font recalls his first experience facing a cast of actors, the feeling of power in front of the interpreters’ fragility, and the subsequent sadomasochist relationship that can be established between both, as a key factor to conceiving Otel.lo. The legacy of Welles, who already pursued this Shakespeare’s to experiment with hybrids forms (Filming Othello), is revived by Al-Rahmoun in a self-reflective essay about porosities linking the reality and the fiction: in this case it’s an unscrupulous director able to manipulate his actors’ real life so the passions, intrigues and jealousy of his Othello astoundingly look true in the screen. However, the aesthetical achievements resulting from this dissolution of borders carry some inevitable, severe consequences.


Hammudi Al-Rahmoun Font

Hammudi Al-Rahmoun Font was born in Barcelona in 1979. Son of a Syrian father and a Catalonian mother, Hammudi spent his childhood between Barcelona and Saudi Arabia. He graduated at the Escola Superior de Cinema i Audiovisuals de Catalunya (ESCAC) in 2003, where he teaches at present. After completing a practical training based on small formats (shorts that explore passages between the reality and the fiction, some of them arising by registering dance performances), Hammudi Al-Rahmoun has just made his feature film debut with Otel.lo, a film in which he deepens, from the vantage point of black humour, in the often sinister relationships between life and art.


2012 Otel.lo



España, 2012, 69 min, Catalán.

Dirección /Direction

Hammudi Al-Rahmoun Font

Guión / Screenplay

Hammudi Al-Rahmoun Font

Fotografía / Cinematography

Pau Esteve Birba

Montaje / Editing

Antonio Gómez -Pan

Música / Music

Pau Esteve

Producción / Producers

Sergi Casamitjana

Intérpretes / Cast

Ann M. Perelló, Youcef

Alloui, Kike Fernández

Compañía productora / Production company

Escándalo Films, Hammudi Al-Rahmoun, Corte y Confección

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