Objection IV

Objection IV

Rolando Colla

Switzerland, 2012, 15 min., English/German


Turning the camera into the subjective focus of one of the protagonists, Objection VI reconstructs the true story of a harsh deportation process that happened in 2010.

Objection IV

Einspruch IV

Suiza, 2012, 17 min, Inglés/Alemán

Dirección /Direction

Rolando Colla

Guión / Script

Rolando Colla

Fotografía / Cinematography

Juta Tränkle

Montaje / Editing

Rolando Colla

Producción / Producers

Elena Pedrazzoli, Peacock Film

Intérpretes / Cast

Aaron, Hitz, Abel Jafri

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