Oak’s heart

Oak’s heart

Ricardo Ramón y Ángel Izquierdo

Spain, 2012, 80 min., Spanish

For all the audiences.


The directors of El corazón del roble believe in animation as a possible, necessary genre which can serve to teach the very youngest how today’s lessons will be the seeds for tomorrow. That’s why they deepen in fantastic parables with a moral. Entertainment is not at odds with the management of a deep ecological ideology in this El corazón del roble. A drop in temperatures is affecting Dragon Hill. It is such a drop that the guardian of a dying forest, a little elf, begs for help to his gods. They will answer his pleadings, but in a surprisingly manner.


Ricardo Ramón

Ricardo Ramón is linked to the animation comeback from the Basque Country. In 1991, along with Ángel Alonso, he founded Dibulitoon Studio in Guipúzcoa. Several Spanish and international series have been produced under his supervision, as well as around twenty feature films from different film studios. The first European 3D feature animations came to light under his attentive supervision, such as El ladrón de sueños, Glup, Supertrams and Cristobal Molón. He has been also director of the “Muestra de Animación de Euskadi”, Animatoon. His last film as director, Papá soy una zombi (co-directed with Joan Espinach) has been nominated for the Goya and awarded at the Gijon Film Festival.


2012 El corazón del roble

2011 Papá, soy una zombi


Ángel Izquierdo

Ángel Izquierdo is one of the biggest names in Spanish animation. Born in Madrid, he started working for Hanna-Barbera when he was only 15 years old. There, he collaborated on fabulous series such as Scooby Doo, Yogi Bear, Tom & Jerry and many others. Bill Hanna taught him almost everything there is to know about animation production and direction. During the eighties, Izquierdo completed his training at the Moro Studios. There he met Antonio Zurera, another pioneer in Spanish modern animation. Together they founded the already legendary Milímetros Feature Animation.


2012 El corazón del roble

2006 El cubo mágico

2002 Dragon Hill. La colina del dragón 

El Corazón del Roble

The Heart of the Oak

España, 2012, 80 min, Castellano

Dirección /Direction

Ricardo Ramón y Ángel Izquierdo

Guión / Script

Antonio Zurera, Lorenzo Orzari

Montaje / Editing

Ángel Izquierdo

Sonido / Sound

Carlos Nogueras

Música / Music

Emilio Alquézar

Producción / Producers

Ricardo Ramón y Lucía Gómez

Compañía productora / Production company

Dibulitoon Studio, Milímetros Dibujos Animados

Compañía distribuidora / Distribution company

Barton Films, S.L.

Uribitarte, 8 4ª Dcha

48001 Bilbao


T. 34 944240559

F. 34 944238957

E. bartonfilms@bartonfilms.com


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