Morning of Saint Anthony's Day

Morning of Saint Anthony's Day

João Pedro Rodrigues

Portugal, 2011, 25 min., Portuguese


A hangover after the night, after the eve of the great Lisbon celebration of the day of the patron. Morning dawns and then, Rodrigues turns it into a choreography of apathetic, silent ghosts, close to Keaton, Tati or Bausch.

Manha de Santo Antonio

Morning of Saint Anthony’s Day

Portugal, 2011, 25 min, Portugués

Dirección /Direction

João Pedro Rodrigues

Guión / Script

João Pedro Rodrigues

Fotografía / Cinematography

Rui Poças

Montaje / Editing

Mariana Gaivão

Producción / Producers

João Pedro Rodrigues, Blackmaria, Le Fresnoy

Intérpretes / Cast

Mariana Gaivão

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