Me Too

Me Too

Aleksey Balabanov

Russia, 2012, 89 min., Russian


In Balabanov’s last film, several people–a gangster, a musician, an alcoholic, his father, and a prostitute– travel inside a black jeep towards the belfry of happiness, a mysterious church which is located somewhere between Saint Petersburg and the town of Uglic, in a no-place immersed in a perpetual radioactive winter, which makes some chosen persons disappear transporting them to happiness. Ironically twisting a prestigious, explicit referent–Stalker (1979) by Tarkovski, and that “Zone” that grants wishes–, Balabanov playfully shows cinematic formulas (the gangster film, the road movie, the musical), completing between laughs and estrangement, a sideways glance at the eternal conflicts of the Russian soul.


Aleksey Balabanov

Born in Sverdlovsk, Russia, in 1959, Aleksey Balabanov graduated at the Faculty of Foreign Languages and also attended film direction courses in Moscow. After hardening in the documentary field, Balabanov moved to Saint Petersburg and started a fiction film career which soon made him very popular in Russia, starting with the success of Brother (1997) and its sequel, Brother-2 (2000), which meant his approach to criminal thrillers. Nevertheless, just between both films, Balabanov had filmed a delicate, confusing film which to some extent would mark his future films: we mean Of Freaks and Men (1998), an oneiric, sepia tone sample of the Russian bourgeoisie facing the 20th century. Audacity and that sway between the real and the allegoric constitute the hallmark of his best films, like Cargo 200 (2007) or Morphine (2008), and are also the base for Me too, presented in the Orizzonti section at the last Venice Festival.



2012 Me too

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2008 Morfiy

2007 Gruz 200

2006 Mne ne bolno

2005 Zhmurki

2002 Voyna

2002 Reka

2000 Brat 2

1998 Pro urodov i lyudey

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Me Too

Ya Tozhe Hochu

Rusia, 2012, 83 min, Ruso.

Dirección /Direction

Aleksey Balabanov

Guión / Script

Aleksey Balabanov

Fotografía / Cinematography

Aleksandr Simonov

Montaje / Editing

Tatyana Kuzmicheva

Música / Music

Leonid Fedorov

Producción / Producers

Sergei Selyanov

Intérpretes / Cast

Yurii Matveev, Alexander Mosin,

Oleg Garkusha, Alisa Shitikova

Compañía productora / Production company

CTB Film Company

Compañía distribuidora / Distribution company

Intercinema Agency
Druzhinnikovskaya Str., 15

123242, Moscú

T. 7 499 255 90 52
F. 7 499 255 90 53


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