Marcos, el lobo solitario

Marcos, el lobo solitario

Gerado Olivares

Spain, 2012, 89 min., Spanish


Gerardo Olivares pays off a debt with reality with Marcos, el lobo solitario. The director filmed in 2010 a fiction film named Entrelobos on the basis of the astounding life of Marcos Rodríguez Pantoja. And now, after five years working and researching, he presents a documentary that explains and reveals the keys to the kid’s life and survival. Marcos, “the wild child of Sierra Morena”, arrived at the mountain range when he was just 7 years old, after his father had sold him to a goatherd. The kid found his longed freedom out in the nature, where he gradually learnt how to get advantage on what the woods have to offer to those who know how to seek and find. During some years Marcos fed himself on it, but it also meant a place for leisure and enjoyment, where the animals, especially the wolves acted as family and friends.


Gerardo Olivares

Gerardo Olivares was born in Córdoba, in 1964. After graduating in journalism, he worked in Madrid for the Los Aventureros magazine. Being passionate about travels and since the beginning of the nineties, Olivares found in documentary production a creative outlet for his unbounded interest: La ruta de las Córdobas (1992), La ruta de Samarkanda (1997) or Herederos de Gengis Kan (2000) are a few examples. In 2005 Olivares decided to take the plunge into fiction, and he took it with La gran final, shot in the Sahara, in Mongolia and the Brazilian Amazon. One year later, in 2006, he filmed14 kilómetros, which deals with African immigration, obtaining several prizes all over the world (including the Espiga de Oro at Valladolid, awarded for the first time to a Spaniard). In 2010 he released Entrelobos, a fiction film based on the life of Marcos Rodríguez Pantoja, to whom he dedicates his new documentary Marcos, el lobo solitario.



2012 Marcos, el lobo solitario

2010 Entrelobos

2007 14 kilómetros

2006 La gran final

2005 Caravana


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