Mañana podría estar muerto

Mañana podría estar muerto

Juako Escaso

Spain– 2012 - 85 min. - Spanish/English


From 1950 to 1980 Spain was the hub of international filming. During that period appeared the Spanish stunts, unsung heroes who still are among the best in the world. Those who are still living are men older than seventy years who have hundreds of titles behind them (some of the most celebrated over the last half century). Their testimony, full of anecdotes and adventures, remains unpublished and represents the living history of a cinema event which will be difficult to repeat itself.


Juako Escaso

Script writer, poet and novel writer, Juako Escaso made his director film debut with the documentary Mañana Podría Estar Muerto. As a novelist, Juako Escaso Higuera was the finalist for the 2010 Planeta prize and also for the 2011 Círculo de Lectores prize with his novel Incierto Amanecer.



2012 Mañana Podría Estar Muerto

Mañana podría esar muerto

España, 2012,  min, Español, HDCam

Dirección /Direction

Juako Escaso

Guión / Script

Juako Escaso, Daniel

Méndez, Rubén Ordieres

Fotografía / Cinematography

Aitor Uribarri

Montaje / Editing

Cristina Laguna

Sonido / Sound

Roberto HG

Música / Music

Juan de Dios Marfil

Producción / Producers

Daniel Méndez

Compañía productora / Production company

Jaleo Films

Contacto / Contact

Jaleo Films

San Sebastián, 20

T. 954 310 770

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