Made in Ash

Made in Ash

Iveta Grófová

Czech Republic/Slovakia, 2012, 84 min, Czech/Slovak/German.


Dorota has just graduated in secondary school but her family doesn’t seem to be willing to keep paying for her studies. It’s the turn then to start working, say goodbye to her boyfriend and leaving Slovakia. Her destination is As, a small Czech village on the German border where Slovak and Ukrainian people arrive in the quest for a better future. Dorota, still innocent, begins to work in a textile factory and longs for a visit of her couple. Made in Ash is Iveta Grófová’s first fiction film. She gets advantage on her past as documentary maker who has been attentive to human beings in the face of historical, political, economic and urban determinants.


Iveta Grófová

Iveta Grófová was born in Tren?ín, Slovakia, in 1980. Her film training is wide and complementary, as she specialised in animation, graduating in 2004, and also in documentary production in 2009, at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. Before his fiction debut, Iveta Grófová had mainly shot documentary shorts –At least (2003), The Politics of Quality (2005), Goodbye Party (2005) and Guest Workers (2007) – and started her career directing an animation There were 11 of us (2004).


2012 Made in Ash

2007 Guest Workers

2005 Goodbye Party

2005 The Politics of Quality

2004 There were 11 of us

2003 At least

Made in Ash

Až do mesta Aš

Eslovenia/República Checa, 2012, 84 min, Eslovaco/Checo/Alemán

Dirección /Direction

Iveta Grófová

Guión / Script

Iveta Grófová, Marek Leš?ák

Fotografía / Cinematography

Viera Ba?íková

Montaje / Editing

Maroš Šlapeta, Anton Fabian,

Peter Morávek, Marek Krá?ovský

Sonido / Sound

Tobias Poto?ný

Música / Music

Matej Hlavá?

Producción / Producers

Barbara Kipsová, Ji?í Kone?ný, Ivan Ostrochovský

Intérpretes / Cast

Dorotka Billá (Dorotka),

Silvia Halušicová (Silvia),

Robin Horký (Johann),

Jarka Bu?incová (Jarka),

Mária Billá (madre de Dorotea)

Página Web / Website

Compañía productora / Production company

Protos Productions, Endorfilm

Ventas Internacionales / International Sales


T. 420 241 730 780



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