Little Glory

Little Glory

Vincent Lannoo

Belgium, 2011, 109 min., English

> 15 years old


Shawn is a teenager who's playing the fool with crime. Upon his alcoholic father’s death, he’ll be an orphan in charge of his little sister, Julie, but their aunt is claiming her custody, alleging that Shawn wont be capable to raise and take care of a nine-year-old girl on his own. Sentimental feelings get mixed with money because his paternal inheritance hangs from the custody decision. A judge decides to concede Shawn a one-month trial period. Those days will be full of revelations, sacrifice, tears and perhaps redemption


Vincent Lannoo

Vincent Lannoo was born in Brussels in 1970. After graduating at the Belgium’s Broadcast Arts Institut he started a career as a short film director which provided him with success and recognition specially after J’ adore le cinéma (1998). He presented his first feature film in 2001, Strass, a fake documentary filmed following Dogma principles, attracting the attention of audiences and critics. After a second genre film, the thriller Ordinary Man (2004), Lannoo returned to mockumentary and comedy with Vampires (2010), his last reference before turning to drama with his Little Glory.


2012 Little Glory

2010 Vampires

2005 Ordinary Man

2001 Strass 

Little Glory

Bélgica, 2012, 109 min, Inglés

Dirección /Direction

Vincent Lannoo

Guión / Script

François Verjans

Fotografía / Cinematography

Vincent van Gelder

Montaje / Editing

Frédérique Broos

Sonido / Sound

Guilhem Donzel, Matthieu Michaux

Música / Music

Michelino Bisceglia, Stefan Liberski

Producción / Producers

John Engel

Intérpretes / Cast

Cameron Bright (Shawn),

Hannah Murria (Jessica),

Isabella Blake?Thomas (Julie),

Astrid Whettnall (Monica),

Martin Swabey (Matt)

Compañía productora / Production company

Left Field Ventures

Compañía distribuidora / Distribution company

The Little Film Company

12930 Ventura Boulevard,

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