Les vacances de Ducobu

Les vacances de Ducobu

Philippe de Chauveron

France, 2012, 94 min., French

> 12 years old


The comic character created by Zidrou and Godi, Ducobu, enjoys adventures again on the big screen after the previous L’élève Ducobu (2011), also by the producer Philippe de Chauveron. Ducobu is the typical bad student, a lazy, cheat prankster, but this time he sees how his promising holidays are little by little getting marred just when he had very high hopes. And that’s because his father has decided to share their vacations with the Gratin family. This initial situation is set to worsen at the beach, where Ducobu will come up against a couple of teachers who are on a romantic trip. Nevertheless, a summer full of excitement and one or two feats lie ahead for Ducobu.


Philippe de Chauveron

Graduated at the L’ESEC in 1986, Philippe de Chauveron took his first steps into film industry as a script writer (Les trufesDans la cour des grandsBingo!). His first film as producer was launched in 1999, a comedy named Les parasites, and since then he has shared his role as a writer for other producers (i.e. for the successful Neuilly sa mère!, by Laferrière) with directing his own projects. The latter have been more comedies: L’ amour aux trousses (2005) and the first film about the adventures of the mischievous Ducobu, L’ élève Ducobu (2011).


2012 Les vacances de Ducobu

2011 L'élève Ducobu

2005 L'amour aux trousses

1999 Les parasites 

Les Vacances de Ducobu

Les Vacances de Ducobu

Francia, 2012, 94 min, Francés

Dirección /Direction

Philippe de Chauveron

Guión / Script

Philippe De Chauveron, Marc

De Chauveron, Guy Laurent,

basado en el comic de Godi y Zidrou

L´eleve Ducobu

Fotografía / Cinematography

Chrisophe Paturange

Montaje / Editing

Sandro Lavezzi

Sonido / Sound

Michel Kharat, Serge

Rouquairol, Eric Tisserand

Música / Music

Marc Chouarain

Producción / Producers

Romain Rojtman, Frédéric Bruneel

Intérpretes / Cast

Elie Semoun (profesor Latouche),

Joséphine de Meaux (Mille),

Helena Noguerra (Adelina),

Pierre-François Martin-Laval (Hervé),

Bruno Salomone (Esteban),

Juliette Chappey (Léonie)

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Les Films du 24

Compañía distribuidora / Distribution company

TF1 International

T. 33 1 41 41 21 68

F. 33 1 41 41 21 33

E. sales@tf1.fr


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