Les plages d´Agnès

Les plages d´Agnès

Agnès Varda

France, 2008, 110 min., French/English


The year she would be 80 years old, Agnès Varda looked back and developed this heterodox self-portrait, daring to explore the ups and downs of her memories. From a present marked by lucidity and humour, the filmmaker revises her life chronologically with the aid of photographs, film sequences and different types of sources. That is how we return along with her to the most significant moments in her existence: her first steps in theatre photography, her role as a precursor and then member of the Nouvelle Vague, her relationship with Demy and the birth of their children, her travels to China, Vietnam, Cuba, USA...

Las playas de Agnès

Les plages d´Agnès

Francia, 2008, 110 min, Francés/Inglés.

Dirección /Direction

Agnès Varda

Guión / Script

Agnès Varda

Fotografía / Cinematography

Alain Sakot, Hélène Louvart,

Arlène Nelson, Julia Fabry,

Jean-Baptiste Morin, Agnès Varda

Montaje / Editing

Agnès Varda, Baptiste Filloux,

Jean-Baptiste Morin

Sonido / Sound

Olivier Goinard, Olivier

Schwob, Frédéric Maury

Música / Music

Joanna Bruzdowicz, Stéphane

Vilar, Paule Cornet

Producción / Producers

Agnès Varda

Intérpretes / Cast

Agnès Varda, André

Lubrano, Blaise Fournier,

Vicent Fournier, Andrée

Vilar, Christophe Vilar,

RosalieVarda, Mathieu Demy

Compañía productora / Production company

Ciné-Tamaris, Arte France Cinéma

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