Jazmín López

Argentina/France/Holland, 2012, 82 min., Spanish


Five friends wander around a forest playing language games that only seem to know. They are young, get bored, have fun, seduce each other without interruption. Having been suspended their temporal orientation, this gang lives a strange interval between youth and maturity, between humanity and animality. The young Jazmín López describes Leones as an “essay on death seen as a beautiful landscape”, a physical, experimental film debut where recent echoes can be heard–Gus Van Sant, Lisandro Alonso or Mikhaël Hers– and also more distant rumours –the footprints of The Territory (1981) by Raúl Ruiz or the influential An occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge (1962) by Robert Enrico–.


Jazmín López

Jazmín López was born in Buenos Aires, in 1984, where she graduated in direction at the Film University (FUC). Occasional actress for her friends’ films, Jazmín López started her career as director in 2007 with the short film Parece la pierna de una muñeca; then followed by Juego vivo (2008) and Te amo y morite (2009). In 2012 she presented in Venice her first full-length film, Leones, where the filmmaker has aligned her film passion and interest with her complementary vocation of audiovisual artist, an activity that led her to study along with Guillermo Kuitca and Jorge Macchi, to participate at the Istanbul Biennial of 2011 and also to exhibit in Argentina, Mexico and the USA.


2012 Leones

2009 Te amo y morite

2008 Juego vivo

2007 Parece la pierna de una muñeca 


Argentina/Francia/Holanda, 2012, 82 min, Español

Dirección /Direction

Jazmín López

Guión / Screenplay

Jazmín López

Fotografía / Cinematography

Matías Mesa

Montaje / Editing

Benjamín Doménech,

Andrea Kleinman

Sonido / Sound

Julia Huberman

Producción / Producers

Benjamín Doménech, Santiago Gallelli

Intérpretes / Cast

Julia Volpato, Pablo Sigal, Macarena del

Corro, Diego Vegezzi, Tomás Mackinlay

Compañía productora / Production company

Rei Cine, Petit Film, Lemming Film,

Viking Film, Cepa Audiovisual

Ventas Internacionales / International Sales

Premium Films

Rue de Turenne,130
75003 París

T. 33 1 77 37 33 67


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