Keep on Rolling. The fantasy of the automobile.

Keep on Rolling. The fantasy of the automobile.

Óscar Clemente

Spain, 2011, 56 min., Spanish


Cars drove us to the dream of the consumer society. Almost 100 years later, this documentary reflects on the social and environmental consequences of the realization of that promise: One car for every individual and budget. This documentary starts with a selection of interviews with experts in different fields like urban design, philosophy or engineering to reflecting on the transformation of our daily surroundings and our driven-by-a-car life. The story is constructed from animations, current images and archive footage from the 1950s.


Oscar Clemente

Born in Seville in 1974, Oscar Clemente graduated in Audiovisual Communication. He writes and directs documentaries about social themes since 1995. His twelve works released to date have been broadcasted in different European television such as Canal Sur, Radio Televisión Portuguesa, TVE Internacional, BTV or the Dutch VPRO. He has been also present at more than 50 international festivals and his works have been awarded with prizes such as the Golden Panda award at the Sichuan Festival (China), the Audience Award at the Documentamadrid 2007 (Spanish short film category), the prize for Best Documentary at the International Environmental Film Festival in Slovakia, and also two prizes at the International Environmental Film Festival of Barcelona.



2011 Sobre Ruedas

Sobre Ruedas. El sueño del automóvil

Keep on Rolling. The fantasy of the automobile.

España, 2011, 56 min, Español, Portugués

Dirección /Direction

Óscar Clemente

Guión / Script

Óscar Clemente, con la colaboración de

Diego Brieva, Alfonso Sanz y Miguel Brieva.

Fotografía / Cinematography

Iván Caso, Eduardo Montero,

Manutrillo, Nocem Collado, Alfonso Sanz

Montaje / Editing

Óscar Clemente

Sonido / Sound

Juan Egoscozabal

Música / Music

Julio de la Rosa, Las Buenas

Noches, Corte y Confección

Producción / Producers

Julio Vergne, Carlos Violadé 

Compañía productora / Production company

La Balanza Producciones, Coproducción Con Canal Sur y Con  la Colaboración de la Consejería de Cultura de la Junta de Andalucía y Flux Film. 

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