Jacquot de Nantes

Jacquot de Nantes

Agnès Varda

France – 1991 - 118 min. - French.


Jacques Demy is filmed at the end of his terminal illness, away from his profession and patiently devoted to painting and writing his childhood memories, which are significantly titled Enfance hereuse. Agnès Varda, his lifetime main accomplice, was the responsible of this Jacquot de Nantes. Starting from the filmmaker’s memories, and through the mise-en-scene by his wife, we attend the reconstruction of that happy childhood which partly coincided with the German occupation of France, and during which little Jacquot’s hectic passion for films and entertainment was born. The point in this case is the marriage between the cinema, the movement man, and the essay, the standstill woman, whose camera lovingly explores his skin’s last orography.

Jacquot de Nantes

Francia, 1991, 118 min, Francés.

Dirección /Direction

Agnès Varda

Guión / Script

Agnès Varda, Jacques Demy (memorias)

Fotografía / Cinematography

Patrick Blossier, Agnès

Godard, Georges Strouvé

Montaje / Editing

Marie-Jo Audiard

Sonido / Sound

Jean-Pierre Duret

Música / Music

Joanna Bruzdowicz

Producción / Producers

Agnès Varda

Intérpretes / Cast

Philippe Maron (Jacquot 1), Édouard

Joubeaud (Jacquot 2), Laurent

Monnier (Jacquot 3), Brigitte

De Villepoix (la madre), Daniel

Dublet (el padre)

Compañía productora / Production company


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