Daniel Calparsoro

Spain, 2012, 99 min., Spanish/English/Arab


Calparsoro (Salto al vacío, Asfalto) follows his career in the Spanish filming with this adaptation, categorised as a psychological-action thriller, of the eponymous novel by Fernando Marías. Provided that literary reviews already pointed at the cinematographic values of the short novel by Marías, the visual impact and suspense have been exacerbated on its adaptation to the screen version. Pablo is a sceptic military doctor sent to the war in Iraq in 2003. An ambush makes him get lost along a male nurse. Both end up in a sudden, wild fight against Iraqi civilians. Pablo faints seriously wounded and wakes up safe and sound in Spain. He spends convalescence at home with his wife and daughter, but very soon begins to be beset by memories and strange events.



España, 2012, 99 min, Español/Inglés/Árabe

Dirección /Direction

Daniel Calparsoro

Guión / Script

Javier Gullón, Jorge Arenillas

Fotografía / Cinematography

Daniel Aranyó

Montaje / Editing

David Pinillos, Antonio Frutos
Sonido / Sound

Sergio Burmann, James

Muñoz, Nicolas de Poulpiquet

Música / Music

Lucas Vidal

Producción / Producers

Emma Lust, Borja

Pena, Juan Gordon

Intérpretes / Cast

Alberto Ammann, Antonio de la Torre,

Karra Elejalde, Inma Cuesta,

Luis Zahera, Bernabé Fernández

Compañía productora / Production company

Vaca Films, Morena Films

Compañía distribuidora / Distribution company

Buenavista International

José Bardasano Baos, 9-11. Edificio Gorbea

28.003, Madrid


T. 913849477

Ventas internacionales / International sales

Filmax Internacional

Miguel Hernández, 81-87. Distrito Ee.

Hospitalet Llobregat

08908, Barcelona

T. 93 336 85 55


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