IndieLisboa: Traces of a diary

IndieLisboa: Traces of a diary

André Príncipe y Marco Martins

Portugal/Japan, 2010, 90 min., Japonese/English, DigiBeta


Martins and Príncipe head to Japan with a Krasnogorsk-3, the legendary 16 mm soviet camera, to compete with the artisanal purity of the black and white instant cameras of the best Japanese photographers still alive. Up to a certain point, this is a travel to the core of an attractive and contradictory nation where the oldest and newest elements seem to miraculously live in harmony. As once did Wenders pursuing Ozu’s draw, now it is the turn for Martins and Príncipe who, controlled by the power of fascination and with the freedom of the poetic essay, jump into this adventure across the exciting metropolis hiding Daido Moriyama, Hiromix, Takuma Nakahira or Nobuyoshi Araki.  


Fragmentos de um Diário
Traces of a diary
Portugal, Japón, 2010, 74 min, Japonés, Inglés, DigiBeta

Dirección /Direction
André Príncipe, Marco Martins
Fotografía / Cinematography
André Príncipe, Marco Martins
Montaje / Editing
Mariana Gaivao
Sonido / Sound
Hugo Leitao
Producción / Producers
Maria João Mayer, François D’Artemare
Intérpretes / Cast
Takuma Nakahira, Hiromix,
Daido Moriyama, Kaiji Syoin,
Kohei Yoshiyuki
Compañía productora / Production company
Filmes do Tejo
Compañía distribuidora / Distribution company
Filmes do Tejo
Maria Joao Mayer
T. +351 213234400/1

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