IndieLisboa: Guerra Civil

IndieLisboa: Guerra Civil

Pedro Caldas

Portugal, 2010, 90 min., Portuguese



The Civil War to which Calda’s film refers to does not affect a country, but a breaking down family. It is the summer of 1982, and under the shade of the father’s absence, Rui and Elena, teenage son and mother respectively, go down, step by a step, into a descending scale towards a complete lack of communication. Rui is an apathetic boy plunged into silence that listens to Joy Division and draws, instead of studying. Elena is an edgy woman due to her affaire with a 20-year-old man. An outgoing girl, Joana, whose points of view split the narration in two, is the free and luminous counterpoint of mother and son.


Guerra Civil
Civil War
Portugal, 2010, 90 min, Portugués, 35 mm

Dirección /Direction
Pedro Caldas
Guión / Script
Pedro Caldas, João Gusmão
Fotografía / Cinematography
Leonardo Simões
Montaje / Editing
Nelly Quettier
Sonido / Sound
Raquel Jacinto
Producción / Producers
João Figueiras
Intérpretes / Cast
Catarina Wall, Francisco Belard,
Maria Leite, Nuno Romano
Compañía productora / Production company

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