Ilan Wolff. Un camino in verso

Ilan Wolff. Un camino in verso

Alberto Rojas y Rodrigo Gómez

Spain, 2012, 50 min., Spanish/English


A journey to the origins of photography through a portrait by the Israeli photographer Ilan Wolff. Wolff, exclusively dedicated to the technique of photography with the Camera Obscura or pinhole camera, travels the world with his van, which is his house, his camera and his laboratory at the same time. The documentary deepens in a trip to southern Spain of this unique artist, a trip understood as a deep vital experience to meet people and find new places.

Ilan Wolf. Un camino in verso

España, 2011, 50 min, Español

Dirección /Direction

Alberto Rojas Maza

Guión / Script

 Alberto Rojas Maza - Rodrigo Gómez

Fotografía / Cinematography

Alberto Rojas Maza

Montaje / Editing

Ana Martinez Porro

Música / Músic

Joaquín Calderón


Producción / Production

Manuel de Ceano-Vivas, Pilar Cifuentes

Compañía productora / Production company

Son de Producción

Contacto / Contact

Joaquin Costa 36,local


T. 954902087


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