Hip moves

Hip moves

Hervé P. Gustave

France, 2012, 86 min., French


Hervé P. Gustave definitely opens to fiction with his last film, Les mouvements du Bassin, where he leaves his tendency towards auto-fiction and film-diary. That doesn’t prevent him to embody the main protagonist, named also Hervé, a former worker in a zoo absorbed by self-defence classes who starts to work as a night watchman in a factory. In the corridors of a hospital, one of the many urban no-places that appear in the film, his fate will cross the one of another protagonist of Les mouvements du Bassin, a brave woman that after suffering troubled abortion seeks desperately the way to become pregnant again.


Hervé P. Gustave

Hervé P. Gustave (known by the acronym HPG) is an actor, producer and director of pornographic films born in France in 1966. Since 1995, when he presented Acteur X pour vous servir, a short between auteur diary and porn which attracted the attention of the French Cinémathèque, HPG has developed a parallel career as a filmmaker where his experience in the adult entertainment industry finds a different way of expression and significance. That’s what he considered, for instance, in his documentary HPG, son vit, son oeuvre (1999) and in his feature film debut, On ne devrait pas exister (2006), selected for the Cannes Fortnight. In 2011 he supplied the artist Raphaël Siboni with thousands of hours of succulent behind-the-scenes porn material which the latter organised in his documentary Il n’y a pas de rapport sexuel.


2012 Les mouvements du bassin (as HPG)

2006 On ne devrait pas exister (as HPG) 

2004 Hypergolique (short) (as HPG) 

2004 21 x 5 (short) (as HPG)

2001 Hôpital psychiatrique de garnison (as HPG) 

1999 HPG, son vit, son oeuvre (as HPG) 

1995 Acteur X pour vous servir

Les Mouvements du bassin

Hip Moves

Francia, 2012, 86 min, Francés

Dirección /Direction


Guión / Screenplay

HPG, Thomas Wallon

Fotografía / Cinematography

Reza Serkanian

Montaje / Editing

Isabelle Prim

Sonido / Sound

Thomas Fourel, HPG

Música / Music

Christophe, Géry Petit

Producción / Producers

Thierry Lounas

Intérpretes / Cast

Rachida Brakni (Marion),

Joana Preiss (la enfermera),

Eric Cantona (Michel)

Jerôme Le Banner (el profesor)

Compañía productora / Production company

Capricci, HPG Production, Le Fresnoy

Ventas Internacionales / International Sales


T. 01 83 62 43 75/84

E. julien.rejl@capricci.frisabelle.nobile@capricci.fr

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