Frente al mar

Frente al mar

Gonzalo García Pelayo

Spain, 1978, 83 min., Spanish


A script by José María Vaz de Soto -who took his first steps as an actor at the beginning and at the end of this film- serves as the base for this freest road movie. Not to be merely considered as a post-Franco nudity-in-the-movies “S” rate film. Three couples travel from Seville to Chipiona, Cadiz, to sound out their social, linguistic and psychological conventions from a civilized partner swapping. Shot in the same year as Vivir en Sevilla, it shares with the latter most of the actors, bodies and voices who best played his idea of filmmaking. Both films certify the author’s discovery of a way to transmit, through sound and images, the uncertaity and happiness before a world that looked brand new.


(Picture: ARCHIVO MÁQUINA PH Vivir en Sevilla)

Frente al mar

España, 35mm, 83 min, Español

Dirección /Direction

Gonzalo García Pelayo

Guión / Script

José María Vaz de Soto

Fotografía / Cinematography

José Enrique Izquierdo

Montaje / Editing

Carlos Osset

Sonido / Sound

Eduardo Acosta

Música / Music

Laventa, José el Negro

Producción / Producers

Javier García-Pelayo

Intérpretes / Cast

Ana Bernal, Javier García Pelayo,

José Grau, Miguel Ángel Iglesias,

Ágata Martín, Rosa Ávila

Compañía productora / Production company



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