Free Way

Free Way

Christophe Sahr

France, 2011, 90 min., French.

> 16 years old


Though Alex is very young, he is already married and has children. He and his wife work in a supermarket and they get by with the money they earn though suffering economic strain and y tension. Many of these tensions are a result of the state of eternal adolescence in which en el que Alex lives: he is more devoted to his friends, videogames, races and tuning his Honda Civic than facing his family responsibilities. An unexpected accident will change this psychological and emotional scenario, making guilty feelings appear in his life. Sahr’s debut film tries to get closer to Dostoyevsky than to Fast and furious.


Christophe Sahr

After failing to enter Femis twice, Christophe Sahr decided to seek education from within the industry and started working as a production assistant. He gathered experience year after year, and gradually he got closer to cinematic creation. He made his dream come true when became Jean-Marc Moutou director’s assistant in Violence des échanges en milieu tempéré (2003). He was granted later the longed access to Femis, which script writing workshop saw him working on his debut behind the camera, Voie Rapide.


2011 Voie rapide


Voie Rapide

Free way

Francia, 2011, 90 min, Francés

Dirección /Direction

Christophe Sahr

Guión / Script

Christophe Sahr, Olivier

Gorce, Elodie Monlibert

Fotografía / Cinematography

Julien Poupard

Montaje / Editing

Isabelle Poudevigne

Sonido / Sound

Benjamin Laurent

Música / Music

Martin Wheeler

Producción / Producers

Florence Borelly

Intérpretes / Cast

Johan Libéreau (Alex),

Christa Théret (Rachel),

Isabelle Candelier (Marthe),

Guillaume Saurrel (Max)

Compañía productora / Production company

Sésame Films

Compañía distribuidora / Distribution company

Epicentro Films

Rue de la Mare, 55

75020 París


T. 01 43 49 03 03


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