En la mano de King Kong

En la mano de King Kong

José Luis Lozano

Spain, 2011, 30 min. Spanish


Amelia Valcárcel, the Philosopher. Amelia Valcárcel, the State Councillor. Amelia Valcárcel, the woman who was discriminated yesterday at 11:30. Every Amelia speaking to the camera. Questions and reflections, vindications and dramatic effects, funny lines and references to old films, King Kong prisoner of his role and a gesture without genre, that traps us more and more, constructing a jig-saw puzzle which we didn’t know we took part of. Making feel uncomfortable to say: no more! And opening the hand. We are equals or there’s no game.

En la mano de King Kong

España, 2011, 30 min, Español

Dirección /Direction

José Luis Lozano

Guión / Script

José Luis Lozano

Fotografía / Cinematography

Cisco Bermejo

Montaje / Editing

Leire Aizpuru, Iván

España, Conchi Sánchez

Sonido / Sound

Fede Pajaro

Producción / Producers

Lola Bailón, José Luis Lozano

Intérpretes / Cast

Amelia Valcárcel

Compañía productora / Production company

Corazón Films S. L. U.

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