El Tartessos de Schulten

El Tartessos de Schulten

Antonio Lobo

Spain. 2012, 67 min., Spanish


During the first decades of the 20th century, the search of Tartessos became an obsession for a young German historian who stubbornly wanted to be the discoverer of a new civilisation, the origin of Europe. According to ancient texts, it should be found beneath the sands of the Coto Doñana National Park, in the south-western end of the Iberian Peninsula, hence of the whole continent. Beyond an adventure, his determination would mark the career of Adolf Schulten and also the perception of science during decades over Tartessos.


Antonio Lobo

Antonio Lobo is a documentary producer. Born in Jerez, he lives in Seville and studied audiovisuals (Mega, Media Business School, 1998 and at the Cinematography Department of the Valladolid University). He has developed a parallel career as a producer (founder of Jaleo Films, 2000-2006) and as a distributor (Jena Balfour Films). The feature film Por un puñado de sueños (2004, 90’) stands out of his filmography, as well as the short documentaries: Aprender y Enseñar (2007) and Arquitectos de Resistencia (2008). He is currently managing the web site Biografía del Vino de Jerez, a documentary-wise approach to a tradition threatened with extinction.


2012 El Tartessos de Schulten

2008 Arquitectos de Resistencia

2007 Aprender y Enseñar

2004 Por un puñado de sueños 

El Tartesos de Schulten

España, 2011, 67 min, Español

Dirección /Direction

Antonio Lobo

Guión / Script

Antonio Lobo y José Antonio Hergueta

Fotografía / Cinematography

Antonio Belón

Montaje / Editing

Javier Vila

Sonido / Sound

Jorge Marín

Música / Music

José Ojeda

Producción / Producers

MLK Producciones

Contacto / Contact

T. 952 002 004

E. producciones@mlk.es


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