El bosque zurdo

El bosque zurdo

Pedro Pinzolas

Spain, 2012, 60 min. Spanish


This is an investigation on the work, thoughts and life of Fernando Márquez “El Zurdo”, a musician, poet, novel writer, cultural and political agitator. He is the founder of bands such as Kaka de Luxe, La Mode, Paraíso and Proyecto Browning among some others. A look around the current work of El Zurdo with his new group, La Ruleta China, accompanied by Charlie Mysterio and Clara Collantes; but above all, about his activity as cultural and political agitator.


Pedro Pinzolas

Director, producer and script writer for TV, advertising and film. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism and is former economy professor. He usually works for advertising and TV. His films and documentaries have been projected in many national and international festivals. He has produced many works in institutional advertising for such entities as the governments of Spain, Panama or Portugal. In 2004 he produced the 16-screens audiovisual for the Spanish Pavilion at the International Expo Aichi, Japan, with music by Javier Navarrete. He has directed and produced many series for TV, like Art Futura for Canal Sur, about electronic art; Mediarama, The Female Century, about cyber feminism, and the road movies Emprendedoras, Mujeres, Mujeres Inmigrantes.


2012 El bosque zurdo

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El bosque zurdo

España, 2011, 60 min, Español

Dirección /Direction

Pedro Pinzolas

Guión / Script

Pedro Pinzolas

Fotografía / Cinematography

Phil Leight

Montaje / Editing

Santiago Esteban, Pedro Pinzolas

Música / Music

Fernando Márquez

Producción / Producers

Santiago Esteban, Carlos Lebraz

Intérpretes / Cast

Fernando Márquez, Ignacio Castro,

Carlos Tena, Clara Collantes,

Charlie Mysterio

Compañía productora / Production company

Lucky Village Media

Contacto / Contact

T. 686 34 24 15


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