DocLisboa: Beyond the mountains

DocLisboa: Beyond the mountains

Aya Koretzky

Portugal, 2011, 60 min., Japanese/Portuguese, HDCam



Aya Koretzky was born in Tokyo in 1983 and left Japan when she was still a child. Her parents, fed up with pollution and atomic uncertainty—and prepared to live from agriculture in an environment more in harmony with nature—moved to Portugal, to one of the wooded areas delimited by the course of Mondego’s river. The young Aya Koretzky tells in Beyond the Mountains her own story: the pursue of memories made out of images, rhetoric questions to parents, and words that all those friends and relatives, who remained in Japan, had been sending in letters full of melancholy.


Yama no anata
Beyond the mountains

Portugal, 2011, 60 min, Francés, Portugués, HDCam

Dirección /Direction
Aya Koretzky
Guión / Script
Aya Koretzky
Fotografía / Cinematography
Aya Koretzky
Montaje / Editing
Tomás Baltasar
Música / Music
Tiago Pereira, Aya Koretzky
Producción / Producers
Miguel Vasconcelos
Intérpretes / Cast
Aya Koretzky, Anuta Koretzky, Jiro Koretzky
Compañía productora / Production company
Andar Filmes
Compañía distribuidora / Distribution company
Alpha Violet
Soleillet, 14, BL 64
75020 París
T. 3314797 3984

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