Agnès Varda

France, 1976, 80 min., French


Varda gets out of her house and films her street, the Rue Daguerre, where in mid-seventies there were still a lot of small businesses. These were already wounded though they would last a few years before bleeding to death. Generous and precise, the filmmaker registers and immortalises her neighbours knowing full well the embalming power of cinema, that photographic inheritance (talking about Daguerre) which allows it being a family album and container of gestures that speak for themselves (everyday life revealed is expressed in terms of old marriages, emigration and sacrifice). Varda, as usual, pollutes the little with the big, the real with the imaginary, associating for instance magic to the bakery.


Francia, 1975, 80 min, Francés.

Dirección /Direction

Agnès Varda

Guión / Script

Agnès Varda

Fotografía / Cinematography

Nurith Aviv et William Lubtschansky

Montaje / Editing

Gordon Swire

Sonido / Sound

Antoine Bonfanti

Producción / Producers

Agnès Varda

Compañía productora / Production company


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