Corridas de alegría

Corridas de alegría

Gonzalo García Pelayo

Spain, 1982, 87 min., Spanish


The title of the second andalusian road movie by Pelayo is misleading. That is because the sexual connotations of the title (corridas) are less important during the movie than the happiness itself (felicidad) -sex appears generously during the footage though briefly and episodicly, yet enough to obtain a soft rate, plus a commercial career dreamt by its producer, Andrés Vicente Gómez-. Happiness is the heart of the matter and the way that Pelayo twists several genres (liberalization, film noire, melodrama, comedy) to include his vision of the world: a hybrid between libertarian hedonism and rejuvenating utopia. Miguel has escaped from prison, seeking revenge and looking for his girlfriend, Diana. On his way he meets Javier, an extrovert card-sharp who lends his car for the sake of Miguel’s cause.



Corridas de alegría

España, 1982, 87 min, .Español

Dirección /Direction

Gonzalo García Pelayo

Guión / Script

Miguel Ángel Iglesias, Romualdo Molina

Fotografía / Cinematography

Roberto Ochoa

Montaje / Editing

Roberto Fandiño

Sonido / Sound

Enrique Molinero

Música / Music

Alameda, Medina Azahara,

Cai, Gualberto

Producción / Producers

Andrés Vicente Gómez

Intérpretes / Cast

Carla Antonelli, Luis

Barboo, Luis Fernández,

Javier García Pelayo, El Gran Simón,

Miguel Ángel Iglesias

Compañía productora / Production company

Intercine S.A., Za cine y Galgo Films


Ventas internacionales / International sales

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T.  +34 - 91 512 16 10 - Fax: +34 - 91 512 16 19

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