Christmas in Icaria

Christmas in Icaria

Daniel García Antón y Aurelio Medina Iglesias

Spain– 2012 - 39 min. - Spanish/English


Icaria, the ideal city created by Étienne Cabet during the XIXth century, disappeared with the death of its promoters. During the 2010 Christmas, we follow the route of Icarians from Barcelona to their first egalitarian commune in Texas. The journey not only takes us to the remains of the utopia, but also through the downfall of the American dream.

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Christmas in Icaria

España, 2012, 39 min, Inglés, Castellano

Dirección /Direction

Daniel García, Aurelio Medina

Guión / Script

Daniel García, Aurelio Medina

Fotografía / Cinematography

Daniel García, Aurelio

Medina, Federico Pató

Montaje / Editing

Daniel García, Aurelio Medina

Sonido / Sound

Manuel Domínguez de la Osa

Producción / Producers

Daniel García, Aurelio Medina

Intérpretes / Cast

Bill Marquis, Roger Reed, G.

Compañía productora / Production company

Colectivo SuR Real

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