Boy eating the bird's food

Boy eating the bird's food

Ektoras Lygizos

Greece, 2012, 80 min., Greek


Yorgos is in his mid-twenties, lives in Athens and seems to have cut, or weakened to the extreme, any tie with friends and family. Without any money left and under the shadow of eviction, Yorgos has decided not to ask for help, and struggles in silence to calm his hunger and keep alive his apparently only companion: a canary whose seeds are feeding him lately. Placing the camera on the scruff of his neck, and using a non-judgemental approach to the enactment of scenes, Lygizos follows Yorgos in his urban desperation, his extreme attempts to assimilate proteins, his way of spying and approaching a beautiful receptionist or his ecstatic visit to a certain church.


Ektoras Lygizos

Born in Athens in 1976, Ektoras Lygizos was until only a short time ago, a man of the theatre, directing plays by demanding authors like Samuel Beckett, Henrik Ibsen, Anton Chekhov or Alfred Jarry. In 2004 he took to Venice his first short film, Pure Youth, and this year he presented at Toronto his first full-length film, Boy eating the Bird’s food, where Lygizos seems to have filtered his familiarity with Beckett (and the most probable one with Hambre, Hamsun’s classic) while at the same time not permitting metaphysics to suffocate the references to the political, economic and social situation of present-day Greece.



2012 Boy eating the Bird’s food

2004 Pure Youth


Boy eating the bird's food

To agori troei to fagito tou pouliou

Grecia, 2012, 80 min, Griego

Dirección /Direction

Ektoras Lygizos

Guión / Script

Ektoras Lygizos

Fotografía / Cinematography

Dimitris Kassimatis

Montaje / Editing

Gregory Rentis

Sonido / Sound

Dimitris Kanellopoulos

Producción / Producers

Yorgos Karnavas, Ektoras

Lygizos, Elina Psykou, Argyris


Konstantinos Kontovrakis

Intérpretes / Cast

Yannis Papadopoulos, Lila Baklesi,

Kleopatra Peraki, Vangelis

Kommatas, Charalambos Goyios

Compañía productora / Production company

Stefi Films, Guanaco, Oxymoron Films,

Fantasia Optikoakoustiki Productions

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