Arte gay busca casa

Arte gay busca casa

Ione Hernández

Spain, 2012, 50 min. Spanish


In 2005 the NGOs Asociación Cultural Visible started to create in Madrid a gay-themed art collection (LGTB), with works donated by artists from all over the world. The so-called Colección Visible gathers more than a thousand works by four hundred artists from thirty countries, thus becoming one of the largest collections in the world of its kind, and seeks a place to be exhibited. The documentary tells the story of how such collection became a reality. A project which just seven years ago seemed impossible. But now, a “house” for this collection remains to be found, a museum which can lodge on a stable basis the collection and can protect it from inclement weather and the upheavals of history and political life.

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Arte gay busca casa

España, 2012, 50 min, Español

Dirección /Direction

Ione Hernéndez

Guión / Script

Ione Hernéndez

Fotografía / Cinematography

Ángel Amorós
Montaje / Editing

Octavio Iturbe

Sonido / Sound

La Caña Brothers

Producción / Producers

Ana Paramio

Intérpretes / Cast

Pablo Peinado, David Trullo,

Abajo Izquierdo, Eduardo

Mendicutti, Luis A. de Villena

Compañía productora / Production company

El Torreón de Sol, Asociación Cultural Visible 

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