Eloy Enciso

Spain, 2012, 70 min., Galician/Portuguese.


Arraianos takes us to a small village hidden in the forests between Galicia and Portugal. The film mixes documentary scenes of the few inhabitants’ daily life with staged ones, in which they perform in the fields or at the pub of the area, singing traditional songs in their local dialect or telling old stories. There is also another kind of words coming out of their mouths, as they recite the play O Bosque, by Galician writer Jenaro Marinhas del Valle, who composed a parable in it about Franco’s dictatorship. That is how reality heads towards the shelter of a mythical dimension.


Eloy Enciso

Born in 1975, Eloy Enciso studied Environmental Science at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and documentary production at the University of San Antonio de Baños, Cuba. He shot his first short in 2002, La ponchera, followed by some others like No tan buena vista (2002) or La clase (2004). Pic-nic (2007) was his first full-length documentary, with which he obtained many awards and mentions in several festivals. On it, he explored the concept of spare time by following some tourists who just want to have fun. Arraianos, his latest film, fuelled the competition in the last Locarno Festival.


2012 Arraianos

2007 Pic-nic 

2004 La clase

2004 No tan Buena Vista

2003 Cambiando la rueda 


España, 2012, 70 min, Gallego

Dirección /Direction

Eloy Enciso

Guión / Script

Eloy Enciso, José Manuel Sande

Fotografía / Cinematography

Mauro Herce

Montaje / Editing

Manuel Muñoz Rivas 

Sonido / Sound

César Fernández, Joaquín Pachón

Producción / Producers

Eloy Enciso, Carlos Esbert

Intérpretes / Cast

Celsa Araujo, Aurora

Delgado, Antonio

Ferreira, Eulalia González

Compañía productora / Production company

Ártika Films, Zeitun Films

Ventas Internacionales / International Sales

Ártika Films,

Marqués de Mondejar, 22 7

28028 Madrid


T. 34636405708


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