Antoñita Colomé “quiero ser artista”

Antoñita Colomé “quiero ser artista”

Pancho Bautista

Spain, 2012, 31 min. Spanish


Since a very young age, Antoñita Colomé knew she wanted to be an artist. Before being 20 years old got married. This was a complete failure on the very same day of the wedding. After getting over this misfortune, she went to Madrid along with her mother and was contracted as a as a choir girl in a musical. Then she jumped into film and a few years later became one of the most important artists in the Spanish film scene.

Antoñita Colomé “Quiero ser artista”

España, 2012, 31 min, Español

Dirección /Direction

Pancho Bautista

Guión / Script

Pancho Bautista

Fotografía / Cinematography

Manuel Mendoza

Montaje / Editing

Jorge Rodríguez

Producción / Producers

Pancho Bautista

Compañía productora / Production company

Triana Films

Contacto / Contact

Triana Films

Avda. Esperanza de Triana, 22 – 12C

41010 Sevilla

T. 954270407

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