A Month in Thailand

A Month in Thailand

Paul Negoescu

Romania, 2012, 90 min., Romanian


Radu and Adina have been nine months together and it seems that their relationship is very serious: She is moving to his flat and they are already preparing their next holidays in Thailand. After making love, they start their busy agenda for the New Year’s Eve: family, presents, friends, lunch, dinner, party... but on the following morning, while Radu is shopping in the supermarket, we can notice that he feels more attracted to someone than to Adina. That magnet is his former girlfriend, Nadia, object of search and desire in a first night of the year full of revelations. Equipped with a couple of stimulating references (Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut and Rohmer’s Cuento de invierno), Negoescu introduces his creatures into whirlwind narrative with an ambivalent meaning.


Paul Negoescu

Paul Negoescu was born in Bucharest, in 1984. He started there his theoretical and practical training at the Caragiale University of Theatrical Arts and Cinematography. He has directed several short films with a rewarding career–like Renovation (2009) and Derby (2010), both nominated for the European Awards, and the latter shown in Berlin; or Horizon (2012), recently screened at Cannes–. He presented his first feature film this year in Venice: O luna in Thailandia. Besides, Paul Negoescu is the producer and artistic director of the Timishort Film Festival.



2012 O luna in Thailanda

2012 Orizont

2010 Derby

2009 Fabulosul destin al lui Toma Cuzin

2009 Renovare (short)

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A Month in Thailand

O Luna in Thailanda

Rumania, 2012, 85 min, Rumano

Dirección /Direction

Paul Negoescu

Guión / Script

Paul Negoescu, Vlad Trandafir

Fotografía / Cinematography

Andrei Butic?

Montaje / Editing

Alexanoru Radu

Sonido / Sound

Filip Muresan, Vlad Voinescu

Producción / Producers

Ada Solomon

Intérpretes / Cast

Andrei Mateiu (Radu),

Ioana Anastasia Anton (Adina),

Sînziana Nicola (Nadia),

Tudor Aaron Istodor (Alex),

Raluca Aprodu (Raluca)

Compañía productora / Production company

Hi Film Productions

Compañía distribuidora / Distribution company

MPM Film

Rue Julien Lacroix, 17

75020 París


T. 331 58 53 57 12

F. 331 42 81 42 50

E. pmenahem@mpmfilm.com


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